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>> Friday, February 5, 2010

Sorry for neglecting my poor blog, readers! I was enjoying a nice break from school, and then somehow, this semester just sneaked up on me, and I've been in full-on "juggle work, school, two internships, and life in general" mode. Unfortunately, when that mode kicks in, blogging takes a backseat.

Or a nap. Yeah, I'll go with that. My blog has been taking a nap. (Or resting its eyes, as my dad loves to say.)

Anyhow, the good news is that I'm in my very last semester (at least for now, until I decide maybe, just maybe, I want to become one of those horribly overeducated people with too many degrees)! This is great for me, but still kind of bad for blogging.

So for now, I'm just posting this "Hi! I'm still here; I haven't forgotten!" post, and it's just a quick one.

Here's a couple pieces I'm loving from J.Crew's current stock. First, the Laporte drape blouse - I think this piece is so pretty and versatile. I love the way they have it styled on the "Skirts" page!

I also love the Flutter-Flower Clutch, even if it is a bit impractical and I'm not quite sure where I would use it. But it is oh, so pretty!

Lastly, I have to mention the Super Bowl! My Colts are playing the Saints this Sunday! I'm so excited. I find it interesting that the Saints are the "underdogs" here. I am not familiar with betting (spread, over/under), but it seems like the general public thinks the Colts will win, although my non-stop watching of NFL analysts leads me to believe all of those people think the Saints will win. The other night, they pretty much spent the segment unanimously talking about how much better the Saints are, and all went around and made their picks (Saints across the board), and then Phil Simms actually said that no one is talking about the Saints. Baffling.

I'm biased of course, but I'm pulling for the Colts. I love Peyton Manning, and while I like the Saints, I also don't buy the argument that the Saints "deserve" to win any more than the Colts.

But anyway, that aside, MK and I have a busy weekend ahead of us. I have class tonight (oh yay), and all day tomorrow (double yay), and then on Sunday we're having a bunch of friends and family over for a party. Our group of friends has decided to have a rotating monthly potluck dinner, so this month's theme is the Super Bowl! Everyone is making a dip, and then we're going to order pizza, just to keep things simple.

What about you? Anyone have any fun Super Bowl traditions? Who are you rooting for on Sunday?


Julia February 6, 2010 at 2:19 AM  

Hey Jenn!
I know what you mean about school sneaking up on you and then taking over...it's been that way for me too. I hadn't posted on my blog in a month!

As for the superbowl...I gotta cheer for the Saints (don't roll your eyes!) Their coach, Sean Payton is not only from my town, but grew up in my subdivision just a block away from me!!! And then there's Darren Sharper, who is the bf's hero because he went to William & Mary. So at least I have reasons, right? Otherwise I don't hate the Colts, and I like Peyton Manning too :)

Have a great time watching the game!!

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